Paint Correction / Polishing

Providing a swirl and scratch free finish

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is a term commonly used to describe the skillful art of correcting surface imperfections (i.e., swirl marks/spider-webbing, micro-marring, scratches, bird dropping etching, hologram/buffer marks) on the paintwork of a vehicle.

This process is accomplished by using a random orbital machine polisher and a combination of cleansers, polishes and/or compounds, as needed. When properly done, the finish will be high in gloss, paint depth and smoothness. Done professionally, the removal of these imperfections is perfectly safe and will not cause any damage to the vehicle’s finish.

Any marring removed will be permanent, so long as the vehicle is properly maintained and new imperfections are not being introduced onto the surface.

Our Paint Correction Process

+ We carefully prepare each vehicle with our signature exterior hand wash and decontamination service. We use only the finest grade microfiber drying towels, which further protects the vehicles’s finish.

+ To ensure complete protection of the paint, we measure the paint thickness using a paint thickness gauge.

+ We use Scangrip inspection lights to illuminate all imperfections.

+ We start with the finest grade of polish, gradually working up to coarser grades of polish as required to achieve just the right level of correction for each area. We then work back down to the finest grade of polish to refine the paint’s finish.

+ Once we are completed with the polishing process, we wipe down each panel with a pH balanced cleaner to remove any residue from the polish and re-wash to remove any polishing dust, leaving the paint perfectly clean and ready for the protection process.

+ The paintwork is now ready for application of Opti-Coat Pro+.