Gran Turismo, Quattroporte

These MASERATIS (Gran Turismo and Quattroporte) came from various areas of the Sacramento region for a combination of one or more of the following services:

(1) XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection (Clear Bra),
(2) Opti-Coat Pro+ / Opti-Glass Pro, and
(3) Ceramic Window Film.

Prior to any application of XPEL film or Opti-Coat Pro +, all vehicles (new or used) receive our signature paint correction / polishing service. We always begin with the finest grade of polish (conservative approach), and gradually work our way to coarser grades of polish as required to achieve the perfect level of correction. This is key to ensuring the paintwork is free of surface imperfections and more importantly has the proper paint depth, gloss and smoothness prior to encapsulating the vehicle with either XPEL Ultimate Plus film or a coating like Opti-Coat Pro +.

Once we determine our polishing approach to safely remove these minor imperfections, we carefully prepare the vehicle with our signature hand wash and decontamination service. All contaminants are carefully removed prior to our polishing procedure using a combination of Swissvax products.

Once polishing is complete, the vehicle is inspected and approved for a final wash before we start the XPEL Ultimate Plus film or Opti-Coat Pro + application process. This is imperative to ensuring the final results are OUTSTANDING.

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