Keep your vehicle looking new for as long as you own it

Care Instructions

Below are the maintenance methods and materials we recommend for ensuring that your vehicle is maintained properly when it leaves our facility.

Traditional Method

List of supplies:

1. Two (2) 5 gal. buckets (any local hardware store)
2. Two (2) Cyclone Dirt Trap’s (chemicalguys.com)
3. Spray bottle of Simple Green Degreaser (1:1 mix w/ water) (local hareware store)
4. Spray bottle of Chemical Guys EcoSmart (chemicalguys.com)
5. Optimum Car Wash Soap (opti-coat.net)
6. Lake Country Wash Wedge (autogeek.net)
7. Generic Wash Sponge – WHEELS & TIRES ONLY (any automotive retailer)
8. Premium XL Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towel (opti-coat.net)
9. One Pass Water Blade - XL Wash Blade (amazon.com)
10. 16x16 Eagle Edgeless 70/30 Super Plush Microfiber Towels (amazon.com or theragcompany.com)
11. Edgeless All-Purpose Micro Fiber Towels-WHEELS & TIRES ONLY! (amazon.com or theragcompany.com)
12. Carpro PERL-Tires, Plastic & Rubber Trim (amazon.com or carpro-us.com)
13. Glass Towel (opti-coat.net)
14. Spray bottle of 70% Isopropyl & water mixture (1:1 mix)-Interior Windows ONLY (any local store)
15. Rain-X Foam Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellent (local automotive stores)
16. Carpro RELOAD Silica Spray Sealant (amazon.com or carpro-us.com)


1. Pull vehicle into a shaded area and make sure it is cool to the touch.

2. Before you begin, prepare the wash and rinse buckets (item 1). Insert one dirt trap (item 2) per bucket. Add optimum car wash soap (item 4) to your first bucket. Fill the second bucket with water only (wash wedge rinse bucket).

3. Wash your wheels first! Spray Simple Green (item 3) on wheels and tires only (let set for 30-60 seconds). Then rinse. NEVER use your wheel sponge (item 6) on anything other than wheels and tires!

4. Pre-rinse the surface of the car starting from the top and working your way down (roof, windshield/rear windshield, hood, trunk lid, and sides). Try to remove as much dirt and debris as possible.

5. To wash, dip the wash wedge (item 5) into the wash bucket, and beginning with the roof, work your way down, cleaning one small section at a time (typically a 3’x3’ section). DO NOT scrub or aggressively clean the surface, rather lightly and delicately apply the wash wedge to the surface and float the dirt and debris off. Use a back and forth motion (DO NOT use circular motions). During this process, ensure that you do not introduce dirt and debris into your clean soap bucket. Between each 3’x3’ section, dip your wash wedge in the rinse bucket and agitate the dirt trap at the bottom to remove any sediment from the wash wedge.

6. For the final rinse, remove the nozzle from the hose and allow it to flow freely. Start with the roof and work your way down. You want to sheet the water, to minimize any water drops from potentially spotting the paint later.

7. To dry the car, start with the top and gently drag a water blade (item 8) to remove the majority of water. Then, grab the Optimum waffle weave drying towel (item 7) and spritz a little Chemical Guys EcoSmart (item 4) onto the surface (one panel at a time). Blot any existing water and then use plush microfiber towels (item 10) to buff any streaks away. Once the exterior is complete, grab a generic all-purpose microfiber towel (item 11) and clean the door jams, full cap, and wheels. DO NOT mix towels (keep separate).

Waterless Method

We prefer and recommend using the Chemical Guys EcoSmart Waterless Detailing System. When using a premium microfiber towel, the unique eco-based formula safely cleans, shines, and protects your vehicle in one simple step without scratching your vehicle’s paintwork.


1. Park your vehicle in a garage or shaded area and make sure it is cool to the touch.

2. Shake bottle well, then spray the product directly onto the surface to emulsify dirt and grime.

3. Wipe up the EcoSmart and dirt in one direction with a clean plush microfiber towel.

4. Buff the area dry with a second clean microfiber towel.

5. Work one panel at a time to prevent the product from drying and leaving spots or streaks.

6. For added shine, follow up with your favorite quick detailer, wax, or sealant.

Microfiber Towel Care

When caring for microfiber towels, there are a few things to remember. Microfiber towels should be washed independently of anything else and with a microfiber specific detergent (Griots Garage or Chemical Guys). DO NOT use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

When drying the microfiber towels, either hang dry or dry on a very low heat cycle and never leave them in the dryer long enough to heat up.  A dry microfiber that is heated to a certain point melts and can become a danger to paint.  Rinsing your new towels in the washer is always a good habit but also be aware that some colors may bleed onto others if you mix colors during that first wash cycle. After use, microfibers should be washed and stored separately according to their task.  In other words, do not use a wheel towel and then mix it with your paint towel.  Mixing wax or sealant towels with glass or drying towels can remove absorbency from the drying towels and cause streaking.  Interior and doorjamb towels will collect sand and particles that you do not want in your paint buffing towels, so keep those separate as well just to be safe.