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“My true to life honest review? I am 100% satisfied and glad that I chose Mike at Appearance Solutions to wrap my entire 2016 Corvette Z06 in XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF…

Mike is a car enthusiast.
Mike cares about your car like he cares about his own.  Refer back to him being an enthusiast.
Mike is a craftsman.
Mike works long and hard, but won't rush his work.  Refer back to him being a craftsman.
Mike is a perfectionist.
If there is a problem, Mike will go above and beyond to fix it.  Refer back to Mike being a perfectionist.
Mike has mastered customer service.  The cherry on top of the sundae.”

Richard S., Corvette Z06 (Yelp)

“Brought my 2015 Model S to Mike and he did a superb job on Xpel wrap, Opti-Coat, and Ceramic Tint.  Additionally, he swapped out my wheels to some aftermarket wheels I dropped off and followed some specific instructions I had regarding a particular bolt, and things came out beautifully!  I couldn't be happier.  Mike is a true professional and a class act . . . given that he touches more high-end cars in a week than I'll own in a lifetime, your cherished vehicle is in excellent hands with Mike and he knows how to take care of cars and customers.  He's also patient with nitpicky customers like me that check in to make sure all is going well.  I also can appreciate his perfectionism because I am the same way, and am happy to work with someone who wants to take the time to do things carefully, properly and impeccably rather than just speed through jobs to get to the next one.  What's also very impressive about Mike is that he will take as much time as you need to understand your options. At the end of the day he'll do whatever you want, however, he gives his honest feedback on certain things, pros and cons, costs vs. benefits, and offers some insight into what he does on his own vehicles.  You really feel like he's watching out for you, your vehicle and your bottom line.  He's very responsive, accessible and flexible to make sure you are the happiest you can be with your vehicle.  I would not hesitate to highly recommend Mike to anyone else with a high-end vehicle, or any vehicle.  My next vehicle will go straight to Mike.  Thanks, Mike!”

Eric R., Tesla Model S (Yelp)

“I've been having cars detailed for over 25 years and have never been so fortunate as to find a location like Appearance Solutions.  Mike is thorough, communicative and went out of his way to accommodate me on short notice and assist with a ride to and from his shop.  While the service was fantastic, the results are amazing!  My car looks phenomenal!  Thanks so much to Mike and his team. I'll return soon and would recommend Appearance Solutions to anyone seeking high quality work.”

Joe S., Porsche 991 Carrera 4S (Yelp)

“I just took delivery of my Tesla and drove it immediately to Appearance Solutions.  An employee @ Tesla, after telling me he has learned never to make recommendations, as they always come back to bite him . . . said that Michael is so outstanding, that he will make an exception.  I am grateful he did!  It was painful to drive my new car there, instead of home, but I am so glad I did.  Michael is very communicative--remaining so throughout the process, which I found most comforting, he responded to my e-mails and phone calls almost instantaneously, and the car looks incredible!  I am extremely pleased.  Ten stars would be deserved.”

Michael T., Tesla Model S (Yelp)

“I'm typically not the person to leave fantastic reviews on Yelp (or anywhere for that matter).  I'm exceptionally anal and picky; especially with the vehicles I have owned over the years...  With that in mind, I set off to find someone to entrust our new vehicle to…

I called just about everyone in the area that specializes in Xpel film and Opti-Coat.  I did an enormous amount of research and selected Mike at Appearance Solutions.  If you want to stop reading the review now and enjoy the benefits of my research, just relax and entrust your vehicle to Mike…

Mike is super easy to speak with and presented several different options for our Tesla Model S Signature Performance.  Being super picky, I turned to multiple sources to review his work.  Posts on the Tesla Motors Forums, Yelp, industry word of mouth and Instagram all yielded incredible recommendations on uber high-end vehicles. Seriously, check out his Instagram...  The amount of folks that entrust their high-end vehicles to him is astounding…

  Mike just redelivered the Tesla today and it looks stunning!  Words cannot begin to describe the attention to detail… The film edges are wrapped and absolutely flawless.  The Xpel looks invisible. Opti-Coat Pro+ was applied over the entire vehicle and topped off with ceramic window tint.Mike's prices are reasonable, but what sets him apart is his awesome patience and demeanor coupled with an amazing attention to detail.If you've made it this far with this review, stop reading and contact Mike.  Best decision I have made and wish I would have known about Mike when we owned our Aston Martin DB9.”

J.C., Tesla Model S (Yelp)

“I needed to get my 2016 BMW M3 dialed in and protected with PPF (clear bra). Appearance Solutions delivered and exceeded all expectations! Mike is a true perfectionist and a master at his craft. I couldn't believe how good my car looked after the clear bra install. Nobody would even know my car was wrapped unless I told them. Mike kept me updated throughout the entire process and even sent me pics of the progress. Anyone looking for detailing, clear bra, and window tinting look no further!”

Scott S., BMW M3 (Yelp)

“Just got my car back from getting Opti-Coat, XPEL Ultimate Plus, and ceramic window tint around on my 2015 X5.  I decided that it was better to invest in protection now while the car is new, to protect from rock chips.  I was fortunate to find Mike, and heard of him through a friend of mine who used his services to wrap his Tesla.  Although some might call it overkill, I am very happy with how it turned out.  You can't see the XPEL, and it's wrapped around the edges of the panel to hide the edge.  Be careful of where you get your car wrapped - some places will use a template and stick it on the panel, but you can see the edges and it turns out ugly.  Other places also use lower quality film that yellows.  I would also advise against purchasing this through a dealer, as they don't use the good stuff, and typically don't wrap the edge.  Mike takes each job as a custom job and wraps all the edges to the point where you can't even tell it's wrapped.

Customer service is also top notch.  Mike is obsessed with keeping his clients happy, and I can personally attest to that.  We had some issues with the tint initially, and it was Mike that pointed it out and not me.  He wanted to make it perfect and that's what he delivered.”

Samuel L., BMW X5 (Yelp)

“Appearance Solutions is my go-to place for all my automotive exterior needs. They do clear bra, paint protection, tint, and full interior finishes.I have been using Appearance Solutions now since their infancy--2007--and they have been solid every time!!!!They are simply the BEST detailing shop in the valley--and even the NorCal area! I am EXTREMELY PICKY and they have never let me down. I'm a customer for life!!!!”

Jed P., Audi A4 Wagon (Yelp)

“I picked up my 2016 Miata this afternoon after having Opti-Coat and XPEL Ultimate Plus applied. Mike and his team did a fantastic job and before the promised delivery time. I appreciate that he takes the time to do a quality install. I don't see any seams and it doesn't look like there is PPF on the car at all. My Miata was the least expensive car in the shop (especially compared to the Bentley!), but it's my baby and I want to keep it in great shape. I appreciate that they treated me with respect and my car with care. I highly recommend Mike at Appearance Solutions.”

Julie D., Miata MX-5 (Yelp)

“Mike and his team do a fantastic job. Professional work, quick turnaround and attention to detail. They know what they're doing and I felt confident leaving my vehicle in their care.”

Kyle C., Tesla Model S (Yelp)

“Mike is a total class act. Brought my new m3 in for the full Xpel and Opti-Coat treatment. He delivered in stunning fashion. Don't trust your vehicle to anyone else. I'm so pleased he's currently working on my wife's MDX as well.”

Rob M., BMW M3 (Yelp)

“It has been an absolutely pleasure dealing with Mike at Appearance Solutions…His price was very reasonable so I kept him in mind while I was shopping around but what made me ultimately decide to go with him were a few factors: amazing reviews, very easy to correspond with…

He went over my car with me, it's Xpel, Opti-Coat, and window tint. He's been in the business for some time now and you can tell he's got an eye for detail and takes a lot of pride in his work. My vehicles salesman left me feeling ignored and unimportant, so it was very refreshing to do business with Mike. He is incredibly professional and makes you feel like a priority (despite my car being a Mazda and not an ultra high end car which I'm positive he's accustomed to working with), to which I am eternally grateful…I would not hesitate to do business with Mike again.”

Brittany W., Mazda MX-5 (Yelp)

“Mike is the cream of the crop when it comes to detailing. Recently got a brand new black Audi, picked it up towards the end of a long day so I didn't see, but the dealer paint prep was just unacceptable…Had Mike so a full paint correction and apply Opti-Coat Pro. Car came out perfect, not a single swirl on black paint by job. Simply put Mike is a true master craftsman, it's no wonder he does some of the best and most exclusive cars in the area…Give this business a try if you absolutely must have the best.”

Tim T., Audi A8L (Yelp)

“Appearance Solutions are the REAL Xpel experts. I bought my 1993 Porsche 911 down in SoCal and had Xpel applied there by a very reputable installer. I've been happy with most of the coverage but this car's bumper is supposed to be very tricky due to all the curves and cut outs. The SoCal work did not stand the test of time on the bumper with several edge wrinkles showing the poor application. Mike and Josh took my car and carefully removed the Xpel from the bumper and professionally reapplied a new layer. It looks sensational!  I couldn't be happier. On top of that Mike and Josh were extremely professional, courteous and available. I highly recommend them. Thanks guys!”

Diane G., Audi Q5 (Yelp)

“I took my car in for clear bra and tint, I already had clear bra installed on part of the car when I bought it (by a high end dealer in Los Gatos) but it was starting to lift along the edges. Mike took great care of the car and did a great job fixing the issues caused by the dealer, he even helped get the dealer to cover part of the cost since they really screwed up (long story). If you want clear bra/tint or a detail this is a great place to go, highly recommended.”

David H., Aston Martin DB9 (Yelp)

“Had my Tesla Model X wrapped in the critical areas (front & rear bumpers, hood, mirrors, rockers). Mike and the team got it done on time and the work looks real good…. Also had the entire car treated with Opti-Coat. This is the first car I have had wrapped and treated and it looks like it was a good decision.”

Chris C., Tesla Model X (Yelp)

“I had my Aston Martin V8 Vantage wrapped with clear film a month ago, and couldn't be happier.  After some trepidation - in 6 years no one touched my car but me or the dealer - I had Mike and his guys do a full wrap, replacing the old original half wrap I had removed last year.  The job quality was excellent, including the pre-buff, precise film cut and detail touches, at a competitive price.  The car finish is beautiful, and no one knows it is wrapped but me - nearly impossible to tell (unless you are a car guy and know where to look).”

“If you have a cherished beauty of a car, don't hesitate to have it film protection wrapped or detailed at Appearance Solutions.”

Ed M., Aston Martin Vantage (Yelp)

“We researched detailers for our new car prior to delivery so that we could line up getting it protected with Opti-Coat and Xpel on the impact areas and keep it looking awesome for a very long time. I didn't want our new car ruined by a wannabe detailer who would add halos, buffer burns, swirls or scratches to it…When we dropped the car off, a customer was picking up his 1+ year old red Tesla Model S that looked like new, while another red Model S was being detailed along with a nice BMW, 2014 Vette, 911 Porsche and a Mini… Mike is great, pays attention to detail (should be a requirement for Detailers, right), follows up with customers on the progress and his prices are competitive.  You certainly get more than you pay for.  We will be taking our boat and another car to Appearance Solutions shortly.”

Eric M., Tesla Model S (Yelp)

“This is, hands down, the best place in Sacramento to have your car detailed and protected with XPEL Ultimate Plus Clear Bra and/or Opti-Coat.  I researched the whole area for someone to do all the above for my black Tesla P85D and am so glad I picked Appearance Solutions.  Besides their great attention to detail, their communication and customer service are top notch.  These guys stand behind what they do and you can definitely see and feel the effort they put into every thing they do.  Detail and protect your car here!  Black is the toughest color to deal with but Mike and the crew still exceeded my expectations.”

Ariel A., Tesla Model S (Yelp)

“Appearance Solutions has performed detailing and paint protection services on my personal and customer vehicles for the past five years.  Michael is exceptionally detail oriented, punctual, professional, courteous, and delivers what he promises.  There are few people I would trust with the high caliber vehicles I send him such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Land Rover, etc., and he has always handled each vehicle with the utmost care as if it were his own.  Many of the types of vehicles I have sent to him have certain quirks and/or nuances that other detailers do not understand, but Michael does and he doesn't shy away from them.  He has a passion for what he does, the vehicles he services, and it shows in the quality of his workmanship.  I would not hesitate to recommend Michael and Appearance Solutions.”

Matthew H., Manager at Stewart’s Automotive (Yelp)

“Great work and service. One of the cleanest installs of clear bra in the Sacramento area, Michael has great attention to detail and goes above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations. Very happy with the experience!”

Serge Y., Porsche Boxster S (Yelp)

“Having taken delivery of our new Tesla Model X recently and being on a number of Model X owner's sites and blogs, my wife and I decided it was worth having our investment "wrapped", based on comments and discussions on the sites and blogs.  There were a number of Model X owners in the Sacramento region who had given 5-star recommendations to Mike and Appearance Solutions so, being a retired criminal investigator; I did my "due diligence."  It's rare to find straight 5-star ratings for a business these days, but Mike has them - along with incredible commentaries from his clients.  So we entrusted our investment to Mike and without a doubt he and his team at Appearance Solutions lived up to their ratings and, IMHO, exceeded them.  Done on time, on quote and True Blue looks spectacular.  As with another recent Model X owner's job, Mike and crew did our X in XPEL Ultimate Plus and treated it with Opti-Coat - we had the entire vehicle done.  Well done, Mike & Team!!!!”

Rick S., Tesla Model X (Yelp)

“Mike is the guy.  I recently had a detail and Xpel of two cars by him and I can safely say that he is a trustworthy, customer service oriented, detail oriented guy.  Look no further.  You have found the best.  Nothing more to say.  He is as honest and straightforward as they come.”

Mark D., 991 Porsche GT3 & Boxster Spyder (Yelp)

“Mike is a perfectionist. Mike did Xpel on two 2015 WRX's for me and they were flawless. Then I bought a 2015 corvette and picked it up in Bowling Green, KY and stopped at another Xpel dealer on the way home to protect my car. Well that guy did a terrible job and when I got back into town I took it to Mike and he took pictures and contacted Xpel and the other dealer and replaced about 95% of the product on my car at no cost to me and as expected it looks AWESOME. Mike takes the time to explain things to you so you know what’s going to happen and what to expect. Mike will take the time to make it right and stands behind his work. I will not go anyplace else.”

Mike G., Corvette Stingray / (2) Subaru WRX’s (Yelp)

“I had my Crystal Red stingray done here with the clear bra and Opti-Coat. Michael the owner was very patient and understanding in explaining the details to me. Cost I would say is commensurate to the work done. I love my cars and this is my first C7 and the first I had done with Appearance Solutions, now looking at my GLK and Hummer how I wish I had this done back then. Appearance Solutions not only gave me information and price options to decide on but their after service cannot be matched. He even did a free carwash after 10 days and inspected his work, which you cannot find anywhere else in the car market today. If you are an enthusiast or just a plain old guy who works hard to play hard this is definitely a must for your car. Now I will have a regular detail shop to service all my cars from now on. Thank you Michael of Appearance Solutions and to the guy who picked me up from work so I can take my car home, he totally represents you and your company with his attitude. Thanks.”

Michael H., Corvette Stingray (Yelp)

“Before taking delivery of my Tesla Model S I did a lot of research looking for a shop that would do a high-quality job of installing XPEL Ultimate Plus, Opti-Coat and window tinting. Appearance Solutions came highly recommended so I stopped by Mike's shop to discuss my needs. Mike patiently listened as I described what I had in mind. He went over all of my options and the various alternatives he offered.

Over the next couple of weeks I called him back a few times to ask questions and make adjustments in my plans. He took his time and patiently answered each of my questions. I decided what work I wanted done and scheduled an appointment for Mike to do the work beginning on the day I was taking delivery of my car…

When I saw the car it was apparent Mike did a top quality job on the entire car. He takes pride in his work, does great work and wants customers to be satisfied.”

Rob F., Tesla Model S (Yelp)

“Mike and his staff did an awesome job on my truck. I had the Opti-Coat treatment placed on my brand new GMC Sierra pickup.  It is huge and the color is black.  This is not a normal job and Mike's company did a spectacular job.  I am very happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone.”

Joseph A., GMC Sierra Truck (Yelp)

“Mike did an outstanding job detailing my red Tesla.  This model seems to be his specialty :) Although every car I've seen at his shop looks shiny and new.  I actually had him remove some of the factory installed protective film because I didn't like the way it only came up half way onto the hood. He then installed protective film over the entire hood (no seams or edges visible).

He is very conscientious and provided courtesy rides to and from his shop to work or home.

I highly recommend him and his service.”
Lora M., Tesla Model S (Yelp)

“I'm not sure what type of sealant they use but it's top notch! Took my car in for a simple detail about 9 months ago. Had some minor dealer installed swirl marks that I wanted removed. My car looked better than when I bought it! Amazing job. My car still looks amazing (although I do baby it...i.e. no automatic car washes) after 9 months and it's still beading water. Awesome job!”

Mako U., Volkswagen Jetta (Yelp)

“I am one of those people who usually don't give a review unless I am complaining but in this case I really need to praise the guys at Appearance Solutions. I shopped the various installers throughout Sacramento and chose these guys to install XPEL Ultimate Plus, Opti-Coat and ceramic tint on my 2015 WRX. One question I was wrestling with was when to install a front splitter I purchased after purchasing the car, which Mike was able to install it for me totally exceeding my expectations of what they could do. I will be scheduling my complementary follow up wash and asking Mike to help me fix those ugly license plate holes. If you are someone who can be as anal retentive about their car as I am and if any minor flaw on your precious vehicle keeps you up at night, this is the place you need to go to get your vehicle protected. I was extremely impressed with their attention to detail and customer service. Highly recommended.”

Brian G., Subaru WRX (Yelp)